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Second flute above shows sugar charm dissolving.


Champagne Sugar Charms



Made from the finest organic ingredient and cooked to a perfect caramel candy crisp.  Each piece is unique in shape....like a snowflake.


Our charms can be served plain or customized with monograms (or anything else I suppose, call for additional design possibilities).


They can be created to perch on the edge of the glass or simply placed inside your glass.


Fill your glass with sparkling wine or champagne and watch your charm dissolve slowly (usually around 20 minutes or so) as it creates swirls of bubbles.


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100 pc $118.99


Sugar Charm (no monogram)





Add  Monograms to your sugar charm...


Looking to make this extra special?

If you are looking for us to duplicate a certain font, certainly possible although we will need to discuss your needs further.

Please call with any questions 1-888-616-8930

All monograms are created with white unless you specify otherwise.


Free 10 day shipping included, when choosing one of our pre-selected ship dates*.


100 pc monogrammed $265.99

Monogrammed Sugar Charm









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