Home Sweet Home is starting " Charitea" this year!
What is that you ask??

Our charitea is an going monthly pop in tea party to lift the spirits of someone who really needs a lighthearted tea party injection.

People will be nominated through our website and our hope is to bring some joy, tea, nibblies and laughter to someone who can really use a pick me up.  They could be a shut in, someone recovering from illness/trauma, or even someone who is in the supporting role of caring for someone ill/recovering.

... Our little party is will involve, tea (of course) china pots and tea cups, a beautiful table setting, delicious tea foods, some fun and fancy hats/gloves/scarves.

We could use some help & item donations.
If this is something you'd like to be involved with (volunteers on the day or helping to prepare food) or if you can donate a fancy hat, teacups, teapots, or anything else you can see belonging at a charitea- please let me know.

Also, if you know someone that could really use a pop in tea party, please send us a note. This  webpage is still under development and it might be sometime before our online submit form is ready so until that time, please contact us by email with charitea in the subject line.













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