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She-She Mints

One of our newer creations and inspired by a very special birthday tea party. Adorable tiny little hats cleverly disguise your dinner mints.

Love, Love, LOVE, Lovely


Yes, it's that time of year again where we celebrate the love we have

in our lives.

May we suggest you tuck a couple of valentine sugar cubes alongside their morning coffee or tea!!

Pastel Bouquet

A little country feel, soft and delicate

 atop our raw sugar cubes.



Rainbow & Butterflies

A sweet little combo, trail them down your table!

A little bit of Country


Perfect for that garden tea

party! What a great hostess gift too!



Bunnies and Bubbles

sugar cubes

Victorian Bouquet

sugar cubes

Pastel Bouquet

sugar cubes

Pretty in Pink Rosebuds

sugar cubes


Baby decorated

sugar cubes



sugar cubes


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sugar cubes

Christmas Time

sugar cubes


Old Fashioned Christmas

sugar cubes



sugar cubes


Learn to make your very own lilac or 

Candy Cane sugar cubes!!


Classic Design Monogrammed Sugar Cubes.


Special Order Pram

Sugar Cubes




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Tiny little cookie bunny bum biters

Silver plated Seashell Spoons

Love Shack...cookie house

Sugary Paint pallet!

Monogrammed Dragées


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