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Pink Salt Pinches (from the Andes Mountains) with *hand carved miniature salt pots & spoons


Inspired from our confetti sugar, we have finally created our salt pinches.  Say goodbye to the salt shaker and grinder. 

Your guests will love this idea!  Simply take hold of one of the charming little shapes and lightly pinch as you wave your hand over your food.  It's that easy!  Need more salt...take another, repeat!


The shapes are quite tiny at approximately a 1/4" in diameter.


We have also special order these tiny salt pots made from olive wood.  They are hand made and fair trade*(see below for more details) from fallen or found wood.  They are approximately 1.5" high and 2" in diameter and each one comes with it's own carved spoon.


Choose from the salt pinches, the salt pots or salt pinches in a pot (15 pinches come with each pot)


This makes for an extra special gift for your guests if you were thinking of sending them home with something special.


Salt Pinches and Salt Pots



*Hand carved from one piece of fallen or found wood by craftsmen living in a vast slum of Nairobi, Kenya called Korogocho.

Traditionally it is the men's’ job to do the carving and the women finish the sanding and decorating

Your purchase directly supports artisans working in  an equitable & sustainable cooperative called Kindugu, or Brotherhood.

Kindugu part of the women's self help group, Bega Kwa Bega  which was started by missionaries at St Johns Catholic Church












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