A SUGARY AFFAIR- one very decadent stir stick!!



Sugar for your coffee, a cookie to stir and just 

enough caramel to make it a little naughty!



This little combo is so decadent and only slightly naughty as every

delectable morsel is organic.


The sugar coating which melts into your coffee is organic demrara sugar,

Gingerbread cookie stick is our delicious organic recipe and the caramel which holds the two together is our newest organic vanilla bean karamel!


This is a perfect way to serve your morning coffee or tea this coming holiday!


6 for $30

12 for $58

24 for $115



Gingerbread/caramel stir stick"


Miniature Classic Christmas collection


Teeny Tiny bite sized organic gingerbread cookies.  The assortment is everything you see in the image plus a few extra designs.

You are sure to find a gingerbread lady, man, candle, snowman, Santa, stocking and Christmas trees.

Christmas mini cookies

















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