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People always ask how my business began.

I explain that it actually started with creating sculptures out of sugar.  Frequently a beloved home but I've also created people, elephants and so much more.

Still a passion of mine!

I created this sculpture after having created several miniature house replicas.  


Describing what I did  with sugar (this was before the internet) was impossible so I made my dream home to simplify things.  Living in this little English Styled Cottage would be just perfect for me!  It's size is 10" x 5" x 5"...pretty tiny!


The plastic coating procedure I use ensures each piece remains ageless and appears to be porcelain.



And then there is the dollhouse....first floor stands at about 7" high.  Parlor and staircase in the middle.  Kitchen to the right and living room to the left.


Front Foyer


If you have a cherished home (or anything else for that matter) you would like me to recreate in miniature, give me a call.



This type of sculpture requires many hours to create and will last forever.  The final piece is stored in a glass case.

The minimum price for a miniature cherished home would be around $5000

This is where it all began for me in 1995!!!


I was actually going to shy away from showing my first works but I think it's important to display.


I find people shy away from trying something new because they expect perfection out of themselves.

What I can create now, and what I initially created...night and day but I would never be here without a beginning.


The parlor

Some Art Work


As soon as I take more pictures, I'll add more of my recent sculpture work.









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