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Custom Designed Sugar Cubes continued...

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Renaissance Sugar Cubes



Monogrammed pink P

sugar cubes


Tropical Wedding Bells

 sugar cubes


Victorian Monogram

 sugar cubes


Vintage Pink Rosebuds



Tropical Flowers

 sugar cubes

Christmas Sucre Moule


Sweet 16 sugar cubes


Milli the Poodle

sugar cubes


Kentucky Derby

sugar cubes


Soul Sugar Flag Stones



Assorted Monogram

Sugar Cubes


Sea life sugar cubes


More Monograms

sugar cubes


Crown Prince Frogs

sugar cubes


Cute little Schnauzer

sugar cubes


Red Hat Tea Party


Purses and Shoes

sugar cubes


Faith Bouquet

 sugar cubes


3D tea party

sugar cubes

Spring Bouquet

sugar cubes

Christmas Blingy Ornament

Sugar Cubes


Valentine & Amour

sugar cubes


Orchids decorated on

brown sugar cubes

 Pastel Bouquet decorated on brown sugar cubes

Wedding bell decorated sugar cubes

Bunnies and Bubbles

sugar cubes


A little tribute to Steve Jobs


Sugar Berries


Silver Monogrammed

 sugar cubes


Riding Dressage

 sugar cubes



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