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Painter's Pallet Sugar Dish

The work of art is in progress and you can have it so that your guests can continue the painting or they can simply sweeten their tea from the palette!

Custom Designed Sugar Cubes


On this and following pages are some samples of other custom designs we've created over the years.  Some can be ordered online but most cannot- you'll need to give us a call!

Minimum order is 36 pcs and custom designed prices are $75 and up depending on the complexity of the design.


To create the perfect design for you, give us a call or send us an email with your vision (pictures help if you have them).

From there, we'll provide you with a quote. If the quote is accepted, then the order is placed a deposit or possibly the full purchase price may be required.


From there,  I (Kara) will create a few samples based on your specifications. We then photograph the samples and email it off to you.  You can either choose one of the designs or request changes...

we keep this cycle going until you absolutely love the final design!


Call or email us for more details and quotes: or

toll free 1-888-616-8930



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sugar cubes

Monogrammed A silver decorated sugar cubes

Monogrammed M & J

sugar cubes in silver

Monogrammed P sucre moulé in gold



Autumn Monogrammed

 sugar cubes

 Autumn Rose

Sugar Cubes



sugar cubes

3D butterfly sugar cubes

Monogrammed aJe

sugar cubes

Spanish Flare sugar cubes


Sucre Moulé


3D Tea Party- On special now,

click the image to see more!

Alice in Wonderland

 sugar cubes

Elegant Black & White Monogram sugar cubes

Autumn Sucre Moulé

 sugar cubes

Summer Berries

 sugar cubes

Itty Bitty Bugs

 sugar cubes


For the Card Shark

 sugar cubes

Confetti Sucre Moulé


Faith Sugar Cubes

Faith Bouquet

 sugar cubes

Your Favorite Pooch

 sugar cubes

Golf decorated Sugar Cubes...great idea for Father's Day!!

Your Favorite Horse

 sugar cubes

NFL logo

 sugar cubes

3D Monkey

 sugar cubes

Turquoise Monogrammed K

 sugar cubes


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